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mobile uploads to facebook from iphone 4

Jul 23,  · Facebook won't upload mobile photos anymore??!?!? wtf is going on, the past week myself and anyone I know with an iphone cannot upload mobile photo's anymore, it goes to upload (the normal blue line) and then the line just disappears. Aug 16,  · Step #4. Then tap on “Next” from the top right corner of the screen. Step #5. In the share sheet, you should see the Facebook icon. Tap on it. Aug 21,  · Run App Store from your iPhone and Search for Facebook. To install tap on FREE. Step Once you have installed the Facebook Application, run the Facebook application and enter your login detail. Step Tap on Camera icon and then Choose Existing Photo button if you have already photos in lansedales.tk: Trickyways.

How to Post Videos to Facebook from iPhone or iPad (on iOS 7)

Tagged in more than one photo by someone? It took me a while to figure things out too, honestly! There I was, looking at this first gen Apple iPod that I long ago gave my parents and I suddenly wanted to post a picture of it to Facebook and see what kind of comments it would garner from my friends.

Taking the picture was easy:. Thank you SOO much! Thank you, this is so crystal clear, even an old girl can use it. Finally I found your page! Thank you and Bless you for your help! Thanks for this! That would be so perfect. Thank you! I tried everything and could not figure out how to do this!

I even read other posts on this subject and mobile uploads to facebook from iphone 4 of them helped. This was very concise and easy to do! How about uploading videos directly from iPhone4 to Facebook? Thanks for the photo, info, extremely helpful. Then one day, facebook photo add disappeared from my address book. Create a new album and give it a similar title.

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How to Upload Photos to Facebook from iPhone – iPhone


mobile uploads to facebook from iphone 4


Jul 31,  · 4: Photos and videos taken on your iPhone should be visible. Select the photos to transfer them to Windows If that option still isn’t working, open the Photos App on . Hi Lindsay, to add photos from your mobile device to a Facebook album: 1. Tap Photo at the top of your News Feed 2. Select the photos from your mobile device t hat you would like to upload 3. Tap Done 4. Click the "+ Album" drop down menu below your name 4. Select an existing album or select "Create Album" Hope this helps, Arie See More. Feb 24,  · This is an updated video that shows how to upload videos taken on your iPhone using Facebook App. Simple and easy way to upload iphone videos to facebook. Re.